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This is a community dedicated to the amazingly talented and goofy lead singer of Kaiser Chiefs, Mr. Ricky Wilson.

Vital Stats:

Charles Richard Wilson

DOB: January 19, 1978

Status: Girlfriend

Other Facts: He attended Leeds Grammar School in Alwoodley, Leeds. He is famous for his stylish blue and orange suit as well as his ability to "pogo" around the stage frantically while simultaneously playing the cowbell. He is allergic to colored toilet paper, dairy, and feathers.

Rules of the community:
1) Have fun!
2) Please post pictures!
3) When posting any pictures that are more than 400 pixels wide, please use an lj-cut. If you want to post more than one picture, please use an lj-cut for the extra pics. For information on how to use an lj-cut go to the following link: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75
4) NO TEENYBOPPERING. For example, no posts that are just "like OMGZ! Ricky is SO Hott! I WaNt tO MaRry HiM AnD hAve hiS bAbIeS!" Your post will just be deleted.
5) Absolutely no talking about Ricky's personal life. If you want to do that go make your own community. Don't even think about doing it here.

For the latest news, pictures, and media check out the following sites:
Kaiser Chiefs Official Website
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Team Mates: A Fansite Dedicated To T'Chiefs
Kaiser Chiefs @ TKN


moderators: that_heather and jeffreysclerk

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